In the Loop is an innovative 4-level course designed specifically for lower secondary students. It is a perfect combination of Macmillan’s expertise in teaching English as a Foreign Language and the interests of teenagers, who will have a lot of fun and information while learning a new language. Most importantly, In the Loop not only engages students in the real use of the language, it provides life skills work with a variety of activities that prepares students to become responsible citizens aware of their roles in the 21st century.

Its topic-based units offer a balanced practice of the four skills. The activities are carefully structured and well-staged allowing students to consolidate unit aims and experience results. The components offer the flexibility teachers need to create a perfect class for their students’ needs.

Key features & benefits:

  • Student’s Book with combined Workbook facilitates classroom management
  • Real-life topics will keep students engaged
  • Texts and activities offer invaluable opportunities for students to apply their critical thinking skills and broaden their cultural awareness
  • Integrated Life Skills activities for every unit provide more than language development
  • A Grammar Reference page at the beginning of each unit in the Workbook offers students language support and teachers a helpful tool for grammar presentations
  • Digital Student’s Book for teachers and students

Digital Student’s Book available here


For students

  • Student’s Book with integrated Activity Book
  • Digital Student’s Book

For teachers

  • Teacher’s Book + Audio CD
  • Digital Student’s Book
  • Digital Teacher’s Book
  • Teacher’s Resource Centre