August 20207

"The Emerging Paradigm: Time for Practical Ideas"

August 7, 2020

On 7th August join Alejandra Ottolina in a new webinar of the local Advancing Learning Academic Programme.


The Emerging Paradigm, Time for Practical Ideas

Amy McGrath posted: “At the end of my kids being out of school, after our attempts at home-schooling, my conclusion is…Teachers are Superheroes.”

Our teaching reality has changed and will go on changing; therefore, our teaching strategies will need to be adjusted. In this workshop we will analyse the difficulties we are facing, the risks we run when we improvise and the variables we ought to bear in mind to make the most of our virtual teaching.


About the speaker

Alejandra is a highly experienced teacher trainer who has taught all levels in both public and private sectors. She has lectured in Argentina as well as in neighbouring countries, and has authored several Teacher’s Books: For Winners, Insights and Phases, among others. She is Macmillan’s Academic Consultant and is currently doing a degree in Educational Therapy.


Date & time: Friday 7th August, 6 pm

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